NEMA Wiring Devices

The Wiring Devices Section develops technical standards and guidelines for its products. This page is a convenient place to access the variety of standards and guidance documents available from the NEMA Wiring Device Section.

The product scope of the Wiring Device Section covers typical electrical devices such as Convenience and power outlets (plugs and receptacles), Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Receptacles, Attachment plug caps and flanged inlets, Connector bodies and flanged outlets, General-use switches, Motion sensing switches, Timer switches, Multiple outlet assemblies, surface extensions, and power distribution poles, Lampholders, Undercarpet Premise Wiring Systems.



Sound technical standards benefit the user, by improving safety, ensuring products interoperability and assisting proper product selection.


White Papers

The Wiring Devices Section develops white papers to give guidance to the function and application of certain products that may not be fully understood by the general installer or user.



The Wiring Devices Section also develops guidelines describing the function and application of certain products in a “Presentation” format.


Application Guide for Isolated Ground Wiring Devices